Oklahoma Headache Center

Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

headache conditions treatedThe Norman Headache Center treats the following conditions:


  • Migraine with and without aura
  • Migraine aura without headache
  • Persistent migraine aura without infarction
  • Status migrainosus
  • Migraine headache with brainstem aura (basilar-type migraine)
  • Vertiginous migraine
  • Hemiplegic migraine
  • Abdominal migraine

Tension-Type Headaches

  • Episodic tension-type headache
  • Chronic tension-type headache

Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias

  • Episodic cluster headache
  • Chronic cluster headache
  • Episodic hemicranias
  • Hemicrania continua
  • Short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headaches (SUNCT and SUNA)

Other Primary Headaches

  • New daily persistent headache
  • Primary cough headache
  • Primary exercise headache
  • Primary headache associated with sexual activity
  • Primary stabbing headache
  • Primary thunderclap headache
  • Cold-stimulus headache
  • External compression headache
  • Nummular headache
  • Hypnic headache


  • Occipital neuralgia
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Atypical facial pain

Secondary Headaches

  • Medication overuse headache
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Post-concussion headache
  • Giant Cell Arteritis
  • Headache attributed to increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure
  • Headache attributed to low cerebrospinal fluid pressure
  • Cardiac cephalgia
  • Cervicogenic headache
  • And many other secondary headache conditions