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This is a BIG deal!!! by K.J.*

I am so excited I found Dr. Pendergraft! I didn't have very high expectations because my headaches have been going on for so long. I felt like I had tried everything. Here I am at 62, finally I have fewer headaches, medication to stop them and on my way to eliminate them. This is a BIG deal!!!

Dr. Pendergraft is a miracle worker! by K.C.*

When I first started seeing Dr. Pendergraft, I was having at least 6 severe migraines a week. I was in graduate school and was struggling with the idea that I might not be able to work after I graduate due to my migraines. I had been to a neurologist who put me on medication that made me feel absolutely horrible and continued to tell me to stick it out. I was pretty hopeless by the time I met Dr. Pendergraft, but she turned everything around. I have gone from having 6 headaches a week to having less than 6 over a month, and they are much more controllable. I owe Dr. Pendergraft so many thanks, she gave me back my life and my career that I have worked so hard for. I highly highly recommend her to anyone I know. Thank you Dr. Pendergraft!!

Life Changing! by W.C.*

My experience with Dr. Dees has truly been life changing. The meds/info has had a great imprint on my day to day life. His booklet is extremely informative. Great Dr. and staff.

The Best! by E.M.*

I was seeing Dr. Pendergraft when she was at OU Medical. She was always concerned how I was feeling and if she was doing a good job. Well, I followed her to Norman. She is the best as far as I'm concerned. I just hope she's here to stay. I am!