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Dees Headaches Are Gone!! by A.R.*

I went from having migraines on an almost daily basis to having almost no headaches at all! I greatly appreciated that he wasn't a major drug pusher when I said I wasn't comfortable taking meds on a daily basis.. Instead, he referred me to physical therapy and meds on an as need basis. I feel 100% better than when I went to his office the first time.

Dr. Dees is the most amazing doctor! by MSgt. K.W.*

Dr. Dees is the most amazing doctor that changed my life! I have had migraines for 15 years adn could not find a solution to my problam. I am active duty and none of my doctors could give me answers. I was referred to Dr. Dees and that was the best thing that ever happened to me within my medical care! I love the results and I really do appreciate him! Thanks so much! God Bless! 

Severe Headaches decreased by patient*

Since using Botox my headaches have decreased tremendously. My experience with really severe headaches have decreased. I recommend the treatments. I would be lost without it! I thank Dr. Dees and staff for giving me a chance to receive Botox injections.

Dr. Dees is Amazing! by J.H.*

Dr. Dees is an amazing doctor. He specializes in headaches. If you follow the book he gives you, which he wrote, you can be headache free. He is very caring and understanding. I would recommend him to anyone!