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Dr. Dees Changed My Life! by W.L.*

Thank you very much! Dr. Dees has changed my life! I've gone from having headaches all day, every day to none, in a manner of speaking. It is such a strange feeling... I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! It has completely changed my life and it's only been a few weeks. I'll never be able to thank Dr. Dees enough.

Better than the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins by R.O.*

Dr. Dees took over my headache care from the Mayo Clinic in 2011. I have had the best treatment and experience as well as compassion from Dr. Dees and his staff in achieving total relief from debilitating chronic migraines. Dr. Dees is better than the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins in treating my migraines. Thank You!

Dr. Pendergraft is Awesome!! by patient*

Dr. Pendergraft is awesome! Easy to talk to and she listens! Very happy with her as my doctor!

Dr. Pendergraft saved my life! by V.D.*

After seeing Dr. Pendergraft she sent me to physical therapy, she also asked me to cut out a lot of the caffeine I was drinking and the artificial sweeteners I was using. I cut out all the tea, soda's and only drink 2 cups of coffee a day. I went to physical therapy and my headaches have stopped. I continue to do the exercise for my neck at home but I'm so impressed to not have headaches every day. 

Dr. Pendergraft saved my life. I was having headaches every single day and now I am headache free. This therapy works.