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Can a Wrinkle-Reducing Drug Also Stop Migraines?

Headache Center Botox TreatmentMost people might associate Botox ® with celebrities trying to keep a youthful appearance, but could this medicine also help those suffering from chronic migraine headaches?

Botox ® is a medication that is prepared from a purified protein derived from bacteria. It is used medically to treat muscular conditions and to cosmetically remove wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles. Doctors have discovered that the medication’s weakening of certain muscles and blocking certain nerves could also help prevent migraines.

"Botox relaxes muscles by blocking the neuromuscular junction, which may play a role in migraine prevention," said Dr. Brett Dees, Director of the Oklahoma Headache Center. "However, Botox also interacts with unmyelinated C-type nerve fibers and blocks the release of CGRP, a molecule implicated in migraine pain. Botox is ideal for those who cannot tolerate or do not respond adequately to oral medications."

People seeking treatment for migraines should consult a physician who specializes in the treatment of headaches with Botox®. This medication requires a physician familiar with it and how it works to prevent migraines. Botox ® can be given to a patient at intervals of 12 weeks. It is administered by a medical professional through injections around the head and neck.

As with any medication, Botox ® has side effects and it is important to discuss those side effects with your physician.