Oklahoma Headache Center

About Us

About Us

Headache About UsWe are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all headache types, whether primary (such as migraine or cluster headache) or secondary (related to an underlying medical condition, possibly serious).

We appreciate that each patient is unique, both in how they experience their condition, and how they respond to treatment: No two patients are alike. Factors such as age, gender, genetics, personality, occupation, social situation, pain tolerance and co-existing medical conditions may play a role. Therefore, each patient receives individualized evaluations, along with tailored education and treatment plans. Our final treatment aim is to significantly improve your quality of life – we want you to get your life back.

Recovery will include non-pharmacologic treatments (such as nutraceuticals, exercise, manual therapy, stress management and other lifestyle changes) as well as pharmacotherapy (medications). Our team highly emphasizes education, as we believe knowledge is power - power to change one’s life in a positive way. The best results are obtained from knowledgeable patients who are empowered to take control of their disorder.

Our team will walk with you during your recovery process, and will modify treatment as your situation changes.