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Tears Of Joy and Amazement by Lydia*

I had been suffering from migraines for over a decade. It was just a part of life for me until I was referred to Dr. Pendergraft. At first I didn't think that I would ever be migraine free nor be nearly rid of them.

When Dr. told me to stop taking Ibuprofen for anything. I just was in shock! No Ibu? What? Any other Dr. would give you Ibu 800mg? Then she explained the building block effect. Take caffeine out as much as possible. She evaluated my meds and told me things I thought she might be crazy. No, Ibu? I WAS SCEPTICAL.

One year later, tears of joy. The only migraines I have had is from my own silliness from not taking my meds. I have completely stop taking Ibu. OMG! She was right. Surprised, how after only about a month and a half or so of stopping Ibu literally cut my migraines in half.

I truly have to say listen to her no matter how crazy the advice sounds, She is on point.

Thank you with all my headache free days that I thought I wouldn't have. Thank you, Dr. Pendergraft!

Dr. Dees is Amazing! by K.S.*

Dr. Dees is Amazing! As a patient I have never felt more taken care of. I suffered from migraines for 5 years. After I was under Dr. Dees care for 3 months I no longer had migraines. He solved the problem without putting me on medication, which is remarkable. I can not say enough about him and his staff. They are amazing!

I'm back to being me! by M.T.*

When I began seeing Dr. Pendergraft I was suffering from migraines roughly 3 times a week, with at least 1 mild headache a day. The headaches made me constantly irritable and left me feeling completely defeated. Dr. Pendergraft gave me easy exercises that aren't time consuming, which made a huge difference when combined with my medications. Since I started seeing Dr. Pendergraft, I have been back to my normal self and I can't thank her enough! I would definitely recommend Dr. Pendergraft and her life-changing treatments to anyone who struggles with severe headaches!

Essentially headache free! by S.H.*

When I was first referred to Dr. Dees, I was having significant headaches, at least every other day.

During my first appointment, Dr. Dees educated me on the importance of exercise and eliminating certain foods to help control my headaches.

With the help of a daily prophylactic and changes in my life style, I am essentially headache free!