Oklahoma Headache Center

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It has truly been a miracle in my life! by B.E.*

I've been coming to Dr. Dees for over a year. I was having headaches almost daily. It was so miserable trying to function in life, especially teaching school daily. I am now almost headache free. It has truly been a miracle in my life. Thank You!

Nothing short of miraculous! by P.T.*

My experience with the Oklahoma Headache Center (Ref: Dr. Dees) has been nothing short of miraculous. I have had migraines most of my life and have seen other neurologists. I have finally found someone willing to LISTEN to my concerns and symptoms, run the necessary tests and follow through to get me a quality of life. I am forever thankful!

This is a wonderful office! by K.M.*

Dr. Pendergraft has helped me get my migraines under control. I no longer have days or a week that I miss work due to my headaches. Her staff is so kind adn they'll always listen to what you have to say. This is a wonderful office.

Helped me get my life back! by patient*

Dr. Pendergraft has truly helped me get my life back! She has helped me get my migraines under control using minimal medication. The resources provided have been so helpful.