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I am immensely grateful! by J.W.*

When I first began seeing Dr. Dees I was dealing with a multitude of unexplained symptoms; headaches and stomach pain that didn't respond to meds, vertigo, panic attaches, insomnia, fatigue, and joint pain! I felt like I was going crazy trying to resolve something no one else could understand.

Dr. Dees immediately eased my mind with his progressive, multi-faceted approach to addressing my concerns. I appreciate his "less is more" prescription approach and was willing to put the effort into lifestyle changes in order to get some relief. I used to fear my husband traveling because my migraine attacks were incapacitating. Recently my husband traveled every week for six weeks and my only struggle was a little anxiety! I cannot believe the change I have seen! I am immensely grateful!

Kindness! by C.J.*

I would like to thanks Dr. Dees and his great staff for their kindness and treatment during my office visits.

Absolutely revolutionized my life! by S.L.G.P.*

Dr. Dees' treatment for the migraines that I have suffered since childhood has absolutely revolutionized my life! For the first time in decades, I am pain free 90% of the time! I am so thankful for Dr. Dees, and highly recommend him. He is amazing! I thank God for helping me find him!